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The Art of unfolding

Pure aesthetics, blend in with functionality and practical use of a revolutionary umbrella. With just a button press, the “art” unfolds, creating a spacious look and at the same time a practical roof cover.

The inconvenience of regular umbrellas is taken to a totally different level. As it opens up like a flower, there’s no hassle in moving items below before opening up your umbrella, yet covering an area up to 360 square foot. It unfolds above your head, creating an aesthetic ambience like never seen before.

No matter the weather, the Trumbella will fit your needs. Just press the button and you will get a perfect shading pattern. If a shower occurs during your outdoor leisure, don’t worry! The integrated internal water drainage system of the Trumbella provides you the coverage of an actual roof. Drinking wine and having a barbecue with friends on a hot or rainy day, there’s no need to move inside, just continue relaxing and enjoying the ambiance.

With the addition of ambient lighting and ventilated cooling, you will create the inside comfort outdoors. There’s no need to worry about the electricity needed for these amenities, the Trumbella is battery driven and solar charged.

For commercial properties the Trumbella can be installed as an interconnected roofing system. Providing total coverage for bigger areas up to approximately 1,500 square foot. The optional LED screens in the upper box of the Trumbella, provides the ability for commercial owners to influence their marketing to the max. Thanks to the Trumbella online platform, contracted brands can project their logo onto the Trumbella while paying you for displaying their brands at your location!

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Trumbella is a product develloped by Texstyleroofs and part of the outdoor lifestyle revolution.

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Our Trumbella shading systems come in different sizes and colors. We also offer a variety of accessories that will be available through this website soon. 

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